17 Facts about Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-series #1) magyarul

Sustainable Development Goals

(Bea Udvari, 2020. január 16.)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are one of the most common used term recently, and it covers an international initiative. Are they nice goals and can they be achieved? In the followings, we summarize 17 facts about SDGs:

  1. Sustainable Development Goals are a UN-initiative, and they continue the Millennium Development Goals.
  2. The SDGs determine the global development aims for 2016-2030. (The Millennium Development Goals covered 2000-2015.)
  3. The SDGs primarily aim to develop developing countries.
  4. In contrast with the Millennium Development Goals, the SDGs also contain economic aims besides the social and environment-protection related goals.
  5. There are altogether 17 SDGs.
  6. The 17 SDGs are about to be achieved through targets, and their success is measured with indicators.
  7. Among the 17 SDGs, one can find goals related to social development, environment protection, industrial development and cooperation between developed and developing countries.
  8. SDG 4 is about quality education that has the target of global citizenship education.
  9. The European Union is totally committed to the successful implementation of the SDGs.
  10. One of the primary goals is reducing poverty (SDG 1), since there are still around 800 million people living in extreme poverty. In the developing countries, every fifth person lives on less than 1.25 dollar a day.
  11. In developing countries there are still 60 million children who cannot attend school. The 4th SDG aims to solve this issue.
  12. An average, 5,000 children die a day due to the lack of clean water. The 6th SDG aims to find a solution.
  13. Annually 1.3 billion tons of food is waste, though there are still 800 million people living in hunger. Both the 2nd and 12th SDG try to solve this issue.
  14. In conflict-affected areas 28.5 million children had to leave school. The 16th SDG is about to give a solution.
  15. Recently, 4 billion people do not use Internet, and 90% of them live in developing regions. The 17th SDG aims to improve it.
  16. Searching in Google, there are almost half million results for SDG in Hungarian.
  17. Searching in Google, there are 274 million results for SDG in English.

Why do you think we mentioned exactly 17 facts?