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The Association for Creative Education has been established with the aim to support the attempts of the European Union in the field of global (citizenship) education by using creative and innovative educational methods. The aim of the global (citizenship) education aims to create global approach and to promote global and local responsibility.

It is important for us that both the youngsters and the older generations view global challenges in a more sensitive and responsible way, and they would not run away but face them.

Thus, in our work, we focus on the topics of global (citizenship) education, finding new and creative education methods, increasing the sensitiveness to global challenges, and finding ways for political integration.

The Association for Creative Education has the following activities:

As members of the Association for Creative Education we believe that with using creative and innovative educational methods, the awareness and consciousness to global challenges can be increased. We believe that with our work we contribute to the fact that the younger and older generations both have a look at the surrounding world in a more critical and brave way.

The education system should be redesigned building on topicality, curiosity, development of skills and systematic thinking. How does the EKO connect to it? Please watch the following video, and you will find the answers.

Why is it so important to continuously renew in education? Why is the system so slow to open towards creativity? You'll find out from our latest video.